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Refrigeration Services in Springfield, IL


Don’t wait until your refrigerators or freezers malfunction to have your system looked at. F. J. Murphy regularly performs routine maintenance for dozens of local companies that use walk-in refrigerators and freezers to keep products chilled. We provide prompt, dependable service for any refrigeration needs.

Do you run a large commercial food warehouse or plant? Perhaps a restaurant, a grocery, or a convenience store? If so, you know the importance of your refrigerators and freezers to maintain your business and keep inventory at adequate temperatures. The issue, of course, is that refrigerators and freezers are prone to maintenance issues. A few degrees too warm and you can lose your entire stock of meat, produce or dairy items. This means lost revenue and unhappy customers. F. J. Murphy has provided quality refrigeration inspection, repair, and maintenance for many years, serving the local Springfield area as well as surrounding cities.

24/7 service is even more important when your products and money are on the line!

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Inspecting your freezers and refrigerators should be an annual activity. Without a thorough inspection, you’re probably wasting money. If a leak is found or you are running too hot or too cold, you are also reducing efficiencies. Our technicians thoroughly inspect systems to assure quality and proper installations and operations.


As refrigeration systems are vital to the preservation of perishables, we take extra care to install them correctly and maintain them diligently. Of all the important installations, refrigerator and freezer units are one of the most important. They cost a lot to operate, but even more when they aren’t installed correctly. F. J. Murphy gets it done right the first time…every time.

You'll get affordable pricing and the best service in the industry. You receive high VALUE….which simply stated is a ratio of price to quality. It’s our belief that’s what any smart buyer wants. Whether you need an inspection, repair, maintenance, or design and construction, we are ready to go to work.

Ready to find out more? Read about our company, check out our FAQ section and take a look at testimonials from many of our clients.

So how can we help you? From fire sprinkler installation to plumbing to HVAC and more, our Services are the best in the area. Questions? Contact us today.

F.J. Murphy & Son looks forward to serving you!