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Fire Sprinkler Services in Springfield, IL


F. J. Murphy offers proprietary ultrasonic and non-invasive testing methods to determine the extent of piping corrosion and blockages in existing Fire Sprinkler systems without system disruption.  See our special MICINSPECT.COM website for more information on this state-of-the-art technology we provide.  As with anything, a fire sprinkler system is effective only when it works. This means that you have to maintain your sprinklers and have them repaired if they are somehow damaged. With F.J Murphy and Son’s highly skilled technicians, your fire sprinklers will stay in top condition. Based in Springfield and as one of the leading providers and servicers of Fire Sprinkler Systems in Illinois, we will ensure that your business (or residence) is well protected.

Fire sprinkler systems are part of the core of our company. More than forty years ago, F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. decided to meet the ever increasing demand for fire sprinklers in central Illinois by starting a separate division within the company to address that demand. As all of our services have expanded, we have continued to offer the very best in Fire Sprinkler systems for both the public and private sectors. By law, most buildings must have a fully-functional system in place.


A responsible business wants to be protected from fire. A fire sprinkler system will  help save your building and its occupants, detecting a fire before it spreads and help to put it out automatically. Compared to fire extinguishers and other traditional methods of fire control, a fire sprinkler is superior in saving lives and preventing the destruction of property. A few very important words about Fire Sprinklers: they far exceed the performance of smoke detectors by immediately stopping the fire at its source. On one hand, while smoke detectors are certainly better than nothing at all, they only provide a notification that a fire is raging…assuming they are operational and someone is present to hear them. On the other hand, Fire Sprinklers also provide notification when there’s a fire, but they immediately begin to suppress the fire at its source. Since their basic operation is very simple, there has never been a loss of life in the U.S. due to a malfunctioning fire sprinkler system. Sprinklers don’t wait for the fire department to arrive, they don’t stand idle while the fire is burning, they are fully automatic and do not need anyone present to turn them on, Further, unlike “Hollywood” movie portrayals, they do NOT all turn on at the same time; only a single sprinkler head nearest to the fire will activate. If there are a lot of combustibles, more sprinkler “heads” in the immediate area may activate as needed. 


Certain fire-proofing tradeoffs using different building materials, drywall thicknesses, etc. while in the construction phase are common. However, without Fire Sprinklers, typically anything inside (contents and occupants) will be burned to a cinder and the building may be left standing after a fire. Think about it: fire proofing the structure only creates a big furnace in the interior. F.J Murphy and Son provides the very best Illinois fire sprinkler services for  any buildings that need adequate protection. Concerned about water damage? Think about it: even any slight water damage from sprinklers is far less than the firefighters will deliver from their hoses when they eventually arrive…if there’s anything left to fight for.

Did you know... We are the first & oldest fire sprinkler company in central Illinois?!


Inspecting your fire sprinkler is very important. However, this is not as simple to do as it may seem. This is why you should let F.J Murphy and Son do the job of inspecting your sprinkler system to make sure it works efficiently. Our Springfield, IL based fire sprinkler services are provided by well-trained NICET experts that fully understand  fire sprinkler systems inside and out. Stay in compliance with the law and your insurance carrier. Don't risk a haphazard or incomplete inspection by others lacking requisite knowledge. Have NICET -Certified inspectors from Murphy's keep you in compliance. We inspect and service all systems, whether or not they were originally installed by our firm.


From office buildings to hospitals and churches to hotels and restaurants, and much more, F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. offers the expertise, personnel and high-quality materials to ensure an installation that is in compliance with all fire codes and all fire insurance carriers.


When installing a fire sprinkler system in your business, we make every effort to minimize the inconvenience caused to your company and its operations during the process. With F.J Murphy and Son’s decades of expertise in building and remodeling fire sprinkler systems, your business will be much safer from the dangers associated with fires.

You'll get affordable pricing and the best service in the industry. You receive high VALUE….which simply stated is a ratio of price to quality. It’s our belief that’s what any smart buyer wants. Whether you need an inspection, repair, maintenance, or design and construction, we are ready to go to work.

Ready to find out more? Read about our company, check out our FAQ section and take a look at testimonials from many of our clients.

So how can we help you? From fire sprinkler installation to plumbing to HVAC and more, our Services are the best in the area. Questions? Contact us today.

F.J. Murphy & Son looks forward to serving you!


F. J. Murphy has an in-house fire sprinkler design department and boasts a large modern pipe fabrication and welding shop that pre-fabricates all sprinkler systems to be shipped to jobsites for installation. The fabrication shop also possesses the ability, equipment and expertise to fabricate, thread, and flange very large diameter cast-iron and ductile-iron pipe for underground water services where the use of plastic pipe is not desired.

We provide excellent design and fabrication of all types of fire sprinkler systems. With the ability to fabricate sprinkler systems to fit a wide range of applications, and given our history and experience, F. J. Murphy and Son is your intelligent choice for sprinkler solutions in Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, Southern Illinois, and beyond.


Since our in-house employees handle and control every element of the Fire Sprinkler process from the design, to fabrication,  to installation, to final commissioning, to periodic maintenance, your experience with us will be a smooth one and you are assured of a single point of responsibility for a perfectly installed and functioning system. 

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