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Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Springfield, IL


F. J. Murphy and Son, Inc. provides Air Conditioning repair and installation in Springfield and central Illinois. With the wrong contractor, your time, effort, and money can be wasted trying to keep an air conditioning unit in good running condition. With the help of F. J. Murphy and Son and our professional technicians, it's never a problem to maintain and/or repair your air conditioning system at a reasonable and fair price and minimize your inconvenience.

The weather in Springfield, Illinois can be extremely hot through the summer. Having the best operating air conditioning system is critical for ensuring complete comfort inside your home or business during the summer heat. If you are planning to install an air conditioning system or want to repair your old system, then seek assistance from F. J. Murphy and Son. We provide excellent Springfield air conditioning services with highly skilled technicians that can do installation and repair work on all types of air conditioners. With the right knowledge and skills, we handle your air conditioning needs in the quickest time possible.

Air conditioning is something most of us can’t seem to live without during the hot summer months. If you need maintenance, it’s essential to have an expert handle it. If not, you could easily end up with a malfunctioning air conditioning system that requires costly repairs down the road. With many years of experience and expert technicians, F. J. Murphy and Son, Inc. is a leading provider of Springfield air conditioning maintenance. We have the reputation of being able to always get any job done correctly.

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To keep your air conditioning running smoothly, it is essential to do regular inspections. With them, F. J. Murphy and Son will make sure that your air conditioning system is inspected and protected properly and will see to it that any problems are resolved immediately.


New installations and/or replacing air conditioning systems properly requires adequate knowledge and planning. If the system has not been designed or installed correctly, then problems will arise in your air conditioning operation. With F. J. Murphy and Son handling your new project, the air conditioning will be properly installed every time. We can also replace your air conditioning system if the property is being renovated.

You'll get affordable pricing and the best service in the industry. You receive high VALUE….which simply stated is a ratio of price to quality. It’s our belief that’s what any smart buyer wants. Whether you need an inspection, repair, maintenance, or design and construction, we are ready to go to work.

Ready to find out more? Read about our company, check out our FAQ section and take a look at testimonials from many of our clients.

So how can we help you? From fire sprinkler installation to plumbing to HVAC and more, our Services are the best in the area. Questions? Contact us today.

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F. J. Murphy and Son doesn't simply "walk around your home and instantly pull a price out of the air"....and we don’t just “pull any unit out of a box” and install it. We design air conditioning systems that fit well and work properly in any home or building. We provide an efficient, expert layout that can help your home or office feel cool despite the weather outside.