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About F. J. Murphy & Son Inc.


F. J. Murphy & Son Inc. has won the prestigious  “Thomas H. Madigan” awards on ten (10) separate occasions from the State of IL for our exemplary activities on state construction projects. We congratulate everyone involved in winning these multiple awards for Outstanding Achievement, Special Merit and Programmatic Achievement.

  • Willard Ice Building

  • Cahokia Mounds Interpretive Center 

  • Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright Dana Thomas House 

  • Remodeling of Markwood Barracks, Illinois Veteran's Home  

  • Renovation of Fell Hall, Illinois State University 

  • Renovation of Old Main, Illinois School for the Deaf 

  • Dickson Mounds Museum 

  • University of Illinois, Chemical & Life Science Building 

  • Historic Structure Renovation; Illinois State Coliseum 

  • Show Horse Facility, Illinois State Fairgrounds


Further, F. J. Murphy & Son, Inc. continues to receive various awards recognizing both our Safety Initiatives and Safety Record from numerous state and national organizations.


We are very proud of all of these since we know they’re the kinds of indicators that set us apart from our competition and ultimately benefit you the customer.

We understand that some contractors do not provide the service they promise. If you’ve been less than satisfied with another company in the past, we invite you to try the F.J. Murphy difference. We take great pride in our ability to service every account, large and small, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial, with the quality work and attention you deserve.


If it uses water, air, gas or other media, chances are very likely that we install, maintain or fix it. We provide the high-level design, installation, repair and maintenance needed to reduce facility ownership and operating costs. Our solutions benefit building owners, operators and, perhaps most importantly, occupants.

We invite you to experience the F. J. Murphy difference.


F. J. Murphy & Son Inc. recognizes our responsibilities in the interest of safety and accident prevention. The elimination of accidents involving our employees is one of our greatest responsibilities and is treated in the same manner and given the same level of importance as our business procedures relating to quality and productivity. Our desired goal is to minimize suffering from accidents by employees and members of the general public.  Naturally we are concerned from a general moral and humanitarian point of view; however we are also anxious to reduce indirect costs of accidents and maintain low insurance premiums which allows us to ultimately provide a greater value to our customers. 


Indirectly tied to safety in what we install, F. J. MURPHY & SON, INC. also adheres to a formulated quality control policy, developed in house in conjunction with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). We use only suppliers whose quality-control procedures and products conform to our program. All of our installations are done using only the best and most durable materials available.  

Numerous state and national organizations regularly present us with a variety of positive citations recognizing our excellent safety initiatives and safety records.


  • Air Conditioning and Heating 

  • Backflow Preventers

  • Boilers & Furnaces

  • Centrifugal, reciprocating and screw chillers

  • Chilled water cooling tower applications

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Low & medium temperature refrigeration (including walk-in freezers and coolers)

  • Piping systems

  • Plumbing

  • Water Heaters

  • Sewer Revenue Meters

  • And much more


At F.J. Murphy, we know we’re different. When you call us, you'll immediately speak with a trained person, not a computerized answering system. We briefly tried telephone automation and voice mail and rejected it because we know your time and patience are important and it's likely your needs are immediate. We prefer a traditional way of phone communication. While many companies try to provide the things we do, it's clear that no other contractor is as passionate as we are. We honestly love our work and enjoy seeing customers smile and compliment our performance. Further, nothing makes us happier each day than knowing that whatever we are doing, we are doing it the right way. We’re obsessed with accuracy. We’re 100% committed to each and every project we take on. And because we’ve been in business since before the 1950’s, there are very few that can match our record of service accomplishments in Central Illinois, Springfield, and other locations as well. We really are the best, and for many good reasons.

"Newcomers" and others in our industry often attempt to follow and imitate us in many ways but frequently fail; we’ve set the bar very high for excellence in the Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, and Fire Sprinkler industries, excellence that is unmatched in our area. And of course we also offer that same attribute for our Mechanical Piping work and everything else we do. The difference? We respect you as an individual or a business entrusting us and paying us to deliver, which means giving you our full attention, and our very best work, every time. It sounds simple: We do what we say we’re going to do. And we do it with care, integrity and excellence. We know what we know...we're also aware of what we don't know...and what we DO know, we know exceptionally well. You expect a job well done, and we deliver….because we’ve always been the leaders, not the followers. You benefit!


Each member of our staff is a very important link to delivering you the satisfaction you deserve. While they each have various degrees of skills and individual personalities, they know how to work as a team. Some companies brag about having 180 or 300 years of combined experience. We don’t. We feel that’s meaningless since the employee taking care of your issue at any point in the process is the one that really counts!

Along those lines, we are careful to hire and employ only those who are rigorously vetted for skills and attitude. It would be much easier to take short cuts but then we know neither of us would be happy with the “product” we delivered.

Everyone that works for this company has had a thorough background check…and we go one step further: we also check their immediate families. Since we are trusted to work at your property, or property you’re responsible for, we want to know who it really is that we’re dispatching to accomplish the work. 


Along the same lines, we have a substance-abuse testing program which is used both pre-employment, and again randomly once the individual is employed. It applies to everyone on our payroll.

A third and very important item is bonding. Many companies advertise that they are “bonded” but typically are suggesting that they had to furnish a bond in order to get their business licenses, etc. That is true and we too must furnish licensing bonding to government agencies.

However, the important bonding you should be concerned with when strangers enter your premises is the "Fidelity Bonding” we carry on each and every one of our employees, just in case something “falls between the cracks."  Fidelity bonding is done in conjunction with the intense background checks. Since we work in people’s homes and offices, businesses, hospitals, banks, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, daycares and schools,  and many other places where security is especially crucial, we want to be sure you the customer is protected. A fidelity bond is a tool that does just that. There are few (if any) of our competitors that offer this extra benefit. So if you want a comfort zone, be cautious and inquisitive when you see the word “bonded” in the advertising. "Now you know...the rest of the story".

Probably one of the most unique and exclusive benefits we provide you is our “MSCA STAR Qualification”. People get tired of hearing about certifications and qualifications. I know I do. It seems everyone is certified & qualified regardless of what it is they do, from the guy that changes the tires on your vehicle to the kennel where you board your pet. Most of them are just industry-association memberships that businesses pay a fee to belong to. But every once in a while a legitimate and quality program comes along that truly provides value to you. MSCA Star does just that.

MSCA STAR® - a designation that ensures quality mechanical system service and maintenance

The Value of UA STAR Certified Service Technicians

  • One of the requirements of attaining MSCA STAR status is having a workforce of UA STAR certified service technicians. The UA STAR program is a HVAC service technician certification program backed by the United Association of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinklerfitting Industry of the United States and Canada. 

  • UA STAR technicians have successfully passed a comprehensive exam that ensures technicians have the training and knowledge necessary to complete the complex tasks associated with servicing, repairing, maintaining or retrofitting a wide variety of mechanical systems. To become UA STAR certified, technicians complete a 5-year apprentice training program, undergo rigorous final written exams and have on-the-job work experience. 

  • There are separate technician certifications for each of the three disciplines: Plumbing, HVACR and Fire Sprinkler.  Most of our technicians are knowledgable enough to possess more than one of these certifications.

  • This means you are being served by a trained, accomplished technician that has skills to do his or her job correctly, safely and efficiently, the first time, without a lot of lost time.

  • The UA STAR program is the only technician certification program in the HVACR industry that is ANSI accredited and ISO 9000 certified.

As Springfield’s first and only local MSCA (Mechanical Service Contractors of America) “STAR-Qualified” contractor, you are assured the highest standards of quality, excellence and workmanship. “Star-Qualified” is NOT a rubber-stamp or purchased membership certification like those so common and misleading in various industries. Rigorous review of our entire operation and intensive written testing of our technicians is done before the MSCA and UA even consider granting a "Star Certification". This is administered for MSCA under the direction of the National Inspection, Testing, and Certification Corporation (NITC) of Los Angeles, CA, an internationally recognized third-party certification agency. NITC is ISO9002 Certified and ANSI Accredited. Family and employee owned and operated, we have grown into one of Springfield’s largest commercial and residential property service companies.

MSCA STAR excellence achievement designation is a qualifications program recognizing the top mechanical service contractors. Established in 2003 by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America, and the United Association (UA), MSCA STAR contractors have successfully passed an extensive, independent evaluation of key requirements that indicate that they are the best in the industry at delivering top-quality service.  We are the first and only local MSCA STAR contractor, the highly professional and much sought-after distinction shared by only 4% of all mechanical contractors nationwide.

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